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    July 18, 2024
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  • Voluntary Leave of Absence (VLOA)
    Updated On: Jan 12, 2024

    March 17, 2020

    Brothers and Sisters of Local 4201,

    A Letter of Agreement for the Voluntary Leave of Absence (VLOA) was agreed upon by CWA and the Company. The following represents the terms and conditions of the VLOA:

    1. Eligibility: Absent exceptions required by law, employees that have completed

    their probationary period and are in an “active status” as of March 11, 2020

    shall be eligible to bid for this extended VLOA option. Active status for

    purposes of this agreement is defined as an employee on payroll receiving pay

    from the Company.

    2. The Company will determine the duration and total number of VLOAs, as well

    as the groups, classifications, and locations where the VLOAs will be offered.

    VLOAs will be awarded by seniority order within groups and/or classifications

    and by location where the VLOAs are offered. The starting dates of the VLOAs

    will be determined by the Company. The Company will specify the duration of

    a VLOA at the time of offer to employees; provided, no VLOA shall be less than

    60 days in duration.

    3. An election window will be open for a period of one week.

    4. Once granted, the VLOA must be accepted by the employee. Based on

    operational needs the Company may cancel or reduce the duration of a VLOA,

    with at least 60 days’ notice to the CWA-IBT Association and the impacted

    employee(s). If the Company cancels or reduces a VLOA(s), the Company will

    seek volunteers to return to work in seniority order and then if necessary,

    employee(s) will be brought back to work in reverse seniority order.

    5. Any accrued vacation for use in 2020, not used as a result of an employee’s

    VLOA, will be paid out the following year under the terms of the 2015 Joint

    Collective Bargaining Agreement (“JCBA”).

    6. The VLOA shall be unpaid but the employee shall be treated as if on active

    status for all passenger service, Company, and pay date seniority. However,

    an employee on a VLOA shall not continue to accrue sick or vacation time.

    7. An employee on a VLOA shall continue to be eligible for non-revenue travel

    privileges provided to active team members.

    8. An employee on a VLOA shall be eligible for medical, dental & vision coverage,

    life insurance or AD&D benefits at active team member rates. During a VLOA,

    an employee will be responsible for payment of the employee portion of all

    premiums, which will be direct-billed to the employee. An employee’s failure to

    make timely premium payments may result in the loss of coverage, subject to

    the Company’s regular premium collection process.

    9. If the Company receives a request for information from a state or local agency

    with responsibility for unemployment compensation claims, the Company will

    respond by providing factually accurate information regarding an employee’s

    status. However the Company will not actively contest an employee’s claim for

    unemployment compensation benefits.

    10. An employee will return to the employee’s group and/or classification and

    location at the conclusion of the VLOA. The employee will not be eligible to bid

    for transfers while on the VLOA.

    11. For up to one year following the effective date of this agreement, the Company

    may offer additional VLOAs under the terms of this agreement.

    This is a one-time limited agreement and shall not constitute precedent for any purpose.

    Furthermore, it does not change, alter, or modify the provisions of the JCBA.

    Updates will be posted on our website, and Local facebook page,

    In Solidarity,

    Local 4201 E-Board

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